Yoga Teacher Training at Shanti Yoga Studio far exceeded my expectations and became a life changing experience! With the expert guidance and wisdom of Alex Bovkis, this training takes you on a deep personal journey with learnings that range from asana and pranayama to anatomy, energy and philosophy. This program is unique because of the way in which Alex is able to share her experience and bring to life the yoga teachings in a very personal way. Through both trainings, and especially YTT 300, I believe that I have embodied the teachings on a much deeper level. This has not only changed the way in which I teach but it has also changed the way in which I live. Lynn Mighton, 2016 graduate



When I first joined Alex at Shanti Yoga Studio, I expected to learn how to do yoga poses. As much as this was true, I didn’t expect to learn how to love myself, others and life so much. It’s truly difficult to put into words! 

YTT 2 with Alex Bovkis is an experience that teachers will carry for a lifetime…or more 🙂

There is an unshakeable connection I have with myself that I am truly grateful for discovering. Besides the amazing learnings of the technical aspects of asana, anatomy and physiology and teaching methodology, it Alex’s presentation and knowledge of philosophy, lifestyle and ethics that will guide you down your path of discovering the self. Her deep understanding of yoga comes from her passion to teach authentically.

From YTT1 to YTT2, there is no comparison of knowledge developed, insight had and the overall experience. It’s literally another world. You dive deeper into your practice and as a teacher. My confidence as a teacher has evolved and I don’t even know if confidence is the right word, it’s almost like you’re teaching from a different space. Because I feel the material in my bones, I am able to share it in a much more authentic way, and not just on the mat but in my everyday life.

If you’re looking to broaden your knowledge as a teacher and simultaneously spread your wings as a spirit on earth, I highly recommend getting in touch with Shanti Yoga Studio in Hamilton. – Melissa Phillips, 2016 graduate