Yesterday we went for a walk. As we hid from the harsh wind in the small neighbourhood streets, I offered to my partner:  let’s find something.  He said: what ? I said: I don’t yet know. He said: I guess we will know when we see it.

I love that he is able to play along.

We looked in all directions. How does one find something without knowing what that is?

We laughed. We held hands. In this time of crisis, this walk felt like a privilege.

And then we found it. We found three things.

The first was beautifully coloured rocks, placed under a tree in someone’s front yard. We admired the rocks for a while. I wondered – how often we might have walked in these streets and never seen them? Were these rocks always here?  Now, that we were looking for something, we found them. I cannot call it anything less than amazing.

Then we came across a mermaid sculpture. It was made of dark metal, as she sat of the rock, in her lonely kind of way, her hair spilling over her shoulders.  The sculpture was placed in someone’s front yard.

My mind began making connections: between looking and finding, between paying attention and noticing, between the chosen items of what people considering beautiful and the people themselves who live in these lovely quiet homes.

We decided to walk toward the lake and there we found our third treasure: a swan with a gray neck. It was not a goose, it was indeed a swan. I have never seen such a swan. This was magic. The swan hung close to the shore, by itself. We watched it for a while. And fell silent.  Words got in the way. We needed to be silent.

Life is full of magic. Let’s all look.