A little magic

Yesterday we went for a walk. As we hid from the harsh wind in the small neighbourhood streets, I offered to my partner:  let’s find something.  He said: what ? I said: I don’t yet know. He said: I guess we will know when we see it.

I love that he is able to

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One week later

As COVID – 19 spread into our city…

It has been a week, since all classes were suspended. 

March 22, 2020


Something shifted in my heart today. I was waiting for this moment, sitting quietly for a week, and waiting. Like many others, in this past week I have felt insecurity, confusion, loss.

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The pain of stopping


Life offers challenges, right? All of us know this. And some of these challenges create obstacles on your journey, like a great wall. We hit the wall and we stop, hurting. It is so easy to think that the wall or the obstacle is what creates the pain. But actually, it is the

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A course in Yamas and Niyamas


All of us are on a journey toward the enlightened state.  Some of us are aware of this but many are not.  Once you become aware of the journey, priorities begin to change. This is the point where learning about Yamas and Niyamas falls perfectly and precisely into place, becoming the compass for… Read more »