Chair Yoga is a modified yoga practice, while using the chair. Yoga poses are done sitting on the chair, in order to provide support. Some poses are done standing, while holding onto the chair. People with various conditions are encouraged to participate in this class, in order to feel supported and protected, while they are still BENEFITING from movement, stretching and breathing exercises.


Chair yoga is considered to be the gentlest and the safest yoga practice. True to yoga principles, this practice will lead one to recognize their alignment, be mindful, release tension and rejuvenate. Postures include twists, gentle back extensions, forward bends, hips stretches and shoulder and neck mobility poses. The aim of this practice is to improve muscle tone, reduce stress, assist with better sleep, and increase overall sense of well being.



This class will be on pause until April 26, 2019. Please consult our schedule page to confirm when the class is running. 


For more information, please text or call 905-962-9642 or email: