As COVID – 19 spread into our city…

It has been a week, since all classes were suspended. 

March 22, 2020


Something shifted in my heart today. I was waiting for this moment, sitting quietly for a week, and waiting. Like many others, in this past week I have felt insecurity, confusion, loss. It made sense to me that I felt like that. Everything had changed so very quickly; everything that we so diligently built over our life time.

This morning I was touched by that blessed recognition – that the settings in my heart shifted just a little bit. Like the mechanism of an old watch, click. It is a good click, creating a small opening, letting a little light in.

As it was given to me, so I want to give it to you. This is a time of great teachings and great learnings. Let us be present and each sense our own heart, tenderly and softly.