Best Yoga studios in HamiltonBest Yoga studios in Hamilton



Best Yoga studios in HamiltonBest Yoga studios in HamiltonBest Yoga studios in Hamilton

Shanti Yoga Studio in Hamilton has been awarded the TOP 3 Yoga Studios in Hamilton for 6 years in a row. Thank you!!!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about your experience at Shanti. Here is what some students said:

~ Dear Alex, Thanks for the belief in your dream, so we can dream big ourselves. Kim


~ I love every moment! One of the best experiences and the most helpful to my recovery. Sincerest thanks. Jodie


~ Thank you for welcoming me into Shanti and sharing the beautiful practice of yoga with me. I have had an amazing experience and wish I could stay longer. If I ever end up back in Hamilton, I will certainly be back! Namaste, Sadie


~ I count you, Alex, as one of the best blessings of my life and I am grateful beyond the power of words to tell what difference you and yoga made in my life. Ann Marie Manson


~  As always, you asked us tonight what was the best thing that happened to us today.  As I reflect on this evening’s discussion, the best thing for me is how much I learn from this incredible group that comes together so intimately every Thursday at Shanti.  Just listening to the wisdom and insights that are born in every moment, especially from the lovely fresh minds of our youth; I feel so honoured, well nourished and complete.
Thank you for providing this safe and sacred space where we can be free to be who we are.


~ As the poet Kay Ryan says, “Life should leave deep tracks”. And Shanti has left deep indelible tracks for me, tracks to find my way back when I get lost, tracks that remind me of what is important in life… Thank you for laying down these tracks and creating a refuge from the storms of life. Lee.


~ Thank you for what I can only describe as a spiritual massage this morning. With all sincerity, that class opened something spiritual in me. With gratitude.  Anita


~ Whether or not you are looking to teach yoga Alex Bovkis of Shanti Yoga Hamilton provides a magical life long learning opportunity in the Yoga Teach Training offered at her studio. It is so much more than a cookie cutter course to teach the physical aspects of yoga.
Alex introduces the participant to the eight limbs of a yoga, paying special attention to the philosophies of the ancient yoga sutras, as well as the physical aspects of the practice. Journal writing is encouraged and is an integral aspect of the journey you take through your life as you participating in the course. Alex makes herself available to thoughtfully discuss the writing process as well as supporting the student in the  planning and building of class material .
I can’t recommend the course highly enough, as a personal trainer I have been able to incorporate much of the learning into my practice and will be continuing to the next level in January 2015. Thanks to Alex and Jay for providing the space and passion for such important teachings.
Kim Thompson
Personal Trainer CPTN