Life offers challenges, right? All of us know this. And some of these challenges create obstacles on your journey, like a great wall. We hit the wall and we stop, hurting. It is so easy to think that the wall or the obstacle is what creates the pain. But actually, it is the STOPPING that creates pain. It is on us to catch that moment, which is so very deep and subtle, the moment when we give up and stop.
It might sound like “I can’t do this”, or “It is just too much for me”. But actually, the stopping is silent. It is on us to recognize it. When we do, something shifts. The wall is not that tall. The challenge is less oppressive. And that obstacle might not even be an obstacle. Seemingly out of nowhere there shows up a different way. There comes the inner breath, we feel the heart beat and we are okay. 
Next time you STOP – catch it.