One day all that we learn will fall away, released into space, from which it came.
Until that day we continue to strive to understand, collect, accumulate, hoping to change, trying to accept, and whatever else it might look like in our unique and individual lives. What a beautiful process!

We climb this hill, this mountain, this cliff, pulling the weight of our accumulated knowledge, protecting it and treasuring it. To get to the top. How many of us get bruised on this journey? How many rivers of tears are spilled?  How confused we get? And yet, that is all that we can do – climb. We compare notes on those dark nights when we are no longer able to take another step. We help one another, at times. And not at other times. The climb is on, even when our bodies get frail, weak, cold…

What is on that top? A place to throw it all off!  All that we pulled so diligently for years, we get to throw it off the mountain top.  And scream at the top of our lungs the sound of victory and release. Feeling fulfilled, and accomplished.  Feeling like we have arrived.  Feeling the lightness of our being.

And on our way down, with light spring in our step and a song in our heart, we softly return down the mountain, encountering those that are climbing, and stepping aside to give them room to pass, with all their weight attached to their tired back. I will wave to you, in passing, as we meet on that path, whether you are going up or going down – I will look for you and wave!