• Transpersonal Life Coaching looks at the source of your conscious and unconscious beliefs and the conditioning that governs your life.  These lead to attachments, aversions, self absorption, stress, conflict, addictions and physical health issues.  By recognizing your transpersonal nature, you become aware of the truth and wholeness of your existence.
  • Alex uses the teachings of the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads as her framework to help you re-align with your own inner compass.  This process will help you discover new perspectives that lead to internal resolution and a more peaceful and calm state of mind.
  • This approach encourages self-realization and freedom from inner pain.  You will learn to find comfort in discomfort and a quiet sense of joyfulness.
  • Alex trained as a Transpersonal Life Coach from 1994-1997 and is certified by the Transpersonal Therapy Centre in Toronto, ON.  She holds an Honours B.A. degree from York University, focusing on Creative Imagination based on the teachings of Carl Jung and others.  In addition, she has undergone a number of personal growth courses and workshops.  Over the past several years her focus has transformed to include yoga and its philosophical teachings.  Her work holds lightness, playfulness and storytelling, creative approach and intuitive insight.


To book an appointment, please call or text 905-962-9642 or e-mail Alex  


75 min – $90 plus HST = $101.70