Single CD – $18.99 + tax + S/H

“Alex has mastered the subtle power of allowing the mantra to ride the waves of her breath–just listening gives so many lessons about releasing into natural sound. Her heartfelt lullabies are deeply regenerating and infinitely appropriate for inducing meditative awareness for yoga and bodywork experiences.”

– Don Stapleton, Ph.D. Director/Founder of Nosara Yoga Institute, Nosara Costa Rica

Samples: Click on a link below to listen:

The chants on this CD are made up of mantras, which are sacred words that are repeated in a focused manner. Mantras are used to help us meditate as they instill one-pointed concentration of the mind. The great Sanskrit mantras are said to contain unimaginable powers, creating a bridge between you and the divine.

There are 14 mantras on this CD. They are chanted in a specific way, to bring the mind and the body into a relaxed state. Sounds affect our inner rhythms. It is my hope that this CD will assist you in slowing down and reconnecting to your authentic place of self.