All of us are on a journey toward the enlightened state.  Some of us are aware of this but many are not.  Once you become aware of the journey, priorities begin to change. This is the point where learning about Yamas and Niyamas falls perfectly and precisely into place, becoming the compass for that journey.  


Yamas and Niyamas are the foundation of our structure on which everything else is built. When we build without a solid foundation the structure crumbles over time. But understanding and embracing these foundational teachings supports the pillars of your life: your dreams, your relationships, your health, your finances and your work.  AND, as you begin to practice these teachings, every pillar that you examine leads you to a deeper understanding and connection to the Self, nourishing and supporting our blossoming. 

Eventually, theses teachings become so integrated into your LIFE, you no longer need to remember them – they are the platform on which you stand, they are the values that you so deeply embody.  They become the teachings which you impart on your students, profoundly and undeniably affecting their journeys, so they too know that they are on this path towards enlightenment. 



Length of the course determines the depth of the teachings. The course is custom adjusted from 3 hours to 20 hours.


To book this course for your group, please email Shanti Studio: