Our Yoga Teachers Retreat Weekend, Sept. 25-Sept. 28, 2015. Meaford.


We arrive to the Retreat centre, unsure and filled with some sort of anticipation, the one that is impossible to describe. Figuring out the rooms, the beds, the showers – does not take long. Everyone is settled in, trying to create their own personal bit of space, here, outside of the familiar.

And it begins. Even though we do the same things: talk yoga, teach yoga, practice yoga, explore yoga – nothing here is the same. Every hour creates a deeper connection. Every discussion creates more mental space. Into that space things begin to bubble up, some things we knew were hiding deep under, and some things we didn’t even know about.

The dynamic begins to change. The boundaries of the personal space become less important. The conversations are less guarded. The hearts begin to connect.

Everything that is ordinary takes on a different light. We are mesmerized by this light. We sit in awe of it, looking at the most ordinary things, and seeing them as extraordinary. The mind lets go. It cannot stand in its stature in this moment, it doesn’t know how. The mind is open to a small surprize, but it doesn’t know how to stay open to a sustained surprize. It can only go numb, or let go. Ours – lets go.

Less conversations, more understanding.

We begin to play. We have fun. We cry. We are exhausted. Everything shifts. Standing on a new ground now. A new ground. It is fresh, empty, and ready.

So few books, so few handouts. They pale in the face of this experience of BEING, of being in YOGA. We find our natural YOGA, the one we are born with. The unity of mind, body and spirit. Words cannot do it justice. Words do not describe UNITY. Empty sounds of words fall away. We just GET IT.

We were graced with a once in a lifetime celestial event: Harvest Moon, that was also Super Moon and Blood Moon. We laid in the grass and watched the shadow of our planet, our shadow, cover the face of the brightest light of the moon, making it look reddish, and war-zone like. We kept watching it, as the stars exploded in the sky, taking advantage of the dimmed light of the moon. It was eerie and magical at the same time.  After warming up by the sweet fire, we saw the shadow beginning to slide off the face of the moon, letting piercing bright diamond light show up like a very young moon, just born and so pure. The red shadow kept on moving, the bright light kept on expanding.

We couldn’t wait until the end of this. We collapsed into exhausted sleep, hearts so full, there was no room for the fullness of the moon. The transformation quietly took place in the dark sky, while we slept. As it always does – the transformation quietly happens and then – we wake up. We wake up and everything changes.

This is the YTT retreat weekend.

Soft landing, everyone. Welcome back.