Sometimes it feels like pulling away from sad feelings and thoughts is really hard, cause it is! It is hard. It’s easier to give in and be devoured, taken, into the land of longing, sadness and pain. Here is that moment, when we can exercise the teachings of yoga and PULL in the opposite direction. Even if it takes a harnessing of a thousand horses, to pull you – you harness them and you let them pull, while you kick and scream to let you be. And a thousand horses will heave and strain to move the weight of your pain. Stay with this, stand with it, breathe with it – until your breath is hot with fire, until you have no more strength to fight, until you are spent – and let the horses pull you in the opposite direction. Then, wait. The night will always turn into day, these are the laws of this universe. Wait, and your light will come. Slowly, a new birth, shy at first, tender – a new birth of peace will show itself. When you trust it – it will come.horses