Taking this course – module 3 – learning of Durga was a very enriching experience. As a student of yoga, the information I received in this course added a rich dimension to my teaching and personal practice, but most importantly helped deepen my insight into my interpersonal relationships.
This fascinating material is offered in an organized and very digestible fashion. Alex provided great instructions with our journal exercises, mantra handout for each goddess, asanas and mudras, which helped me to reflect personally on the impact of what was presented each week.
Alex’s warmth, intelligence, research, understanding and passion for the teachings of Ma Durga, as well as philosophy and ethics on the various teachings is clearly evident. She is very encouraging and responsive to inquiries and comments. Though the module was intense, I truly feel I received an invaluable tool that will serve me well both personally and professionally. As I will continue to learn and apply, I will pass the wisdom of the stories and the practices with my dear ones, both beginners and advance. I am enjoying the deep and satisfying sips…drinking it all in, just like a goddess would do!

~ G.B. YTT 2 – Module #3, 2020


I would like to take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This past year has been such an amazing growth experience. My heart is completely full. I appreciate all your guidance and teachings. These will be kept close to my heart as I pass them on to my students, and others I assist. Namaste.

~ V. DM. RYT 500, 2017 graduate


Yoga Teacher Training at Shanti Yoga Studio far exceeded my expectations and became a life changing experience! With the expert guidance and wisdom of Alex Bovkis, this training takes you on a deep personal journey with learnings that range from asana and pranayama to anatomy, energy and philosophy. This program is unique because of the way in which Alex is able to share her experience and bring to life the yoga teachings in a very personal way. Through both trainings, and especially YTT 300, I believe that I have embodied the teachings on a much deeper level. This has not only changed the way in which I teach but it has also changed the way in which I live.

~ Lynn Mighton, RYT 500, 2016 graduate


When I first joined Alex at Shanti Yoga Studio, I expected to learn how to do yoga poses. As much as this was true, I didn’t expect to learn how to love myself, others and life so much. It’s truly difficult to put into words! 

YTT 2 with Alex Bovkis is an experience that teachers will carry for a lifetime…or more 🙂

There is an unshakeable connection I have with myself that I am truly grateful for discovering. Besides the amazing learnings of the technical aspects of asana, anatomy and physiology and teaching methodology, it is Alex’s presentation and knowledge of philosophy, lifestyle and ethics that will guide you down your path of discovering the self. Her deep understanding of yoga comes from her passion to teach authentically.

From YTT1 to YTT2, there is no comparison of knowledge developed, insight had and the overall experience. It’s literally another world. You dive deeper into your practice and as a teacher. My confidence as a teacher has evolved and I don’t even know if confidence is the right word, it’s almost like you’re teaching from a different space. Because I feel the material in my bones, I am able to share it in a much more authentic way, and not just on the mat but in my everyday life.

If you’re looking to broaden your knowledge as a teacher and simultaneously spread your wings as a spirit on earth, I highly recommend getting in touch with Shanti Yoga Studio in Hamilton.

~ Melissa Phillips, RYT 500, 2016 graduate


I feel a sense of privilege and honour for having been chosen by this group of students to continue their explorations of yoga and of themselves with me. Being a witness – for that is all I am – to their process, creates a space – for that is all there is – for them to let things unfold.

What is this magic journey? The twist and turns – at times – lead us away from what we thought that we were seeking. It’s magic, cause no matter how far we move “off course” – we’re never lost. The world opens and the world deepens, the clouds learn how to wait, and the sun learns how not to burn. It’s magic, cause here we lose our knowledge and instead of feeling scared – we feel liberated. The loads of weight called judgement, desire, ambition, envy, loneliness and more of these – starts to lighten. Not disappear – for it remains. We learn to be with it and even, sometimes, see its other side. The side of magic.

My teacher speaks of a learning opportunity, of a realization opportunity, on the edge of every discomfort. I am inspired by this teaching and I am open to all these edges, even when they are razor sharp. We heal from cuts. We may have scars, but we heal. The moment “to see” is in between the cut and the healing. It’s short lived. This is our moment – TO AWAKEN.

Now, LETS GO!!!!!!!!!

Alex, the principal teacher.

Jan, 2016


Amazing Yoga Teacher Trainees!!! How do we go from here? This is such a high point. Oh well, we just just do. Onward and upward, going beyond, beyond, beyond… Gratitude overflowing for this part of my journey, this depth of learning, and this tremendous open-heartedness. Gratitude to all these amazing students: them being a part of my journey, me – being a part of theirs. The magic net of Indra and the inter-connected-ness of it all.

Alex, July, 2016