It is with mixed emotions that the closure of Shanti Yoga Studio.  The last day of classes at Shanti Studio will be Saturday, March 13. Classes will continue running until then, taught by substitute teachers. **********  What does this mean for you ? After March 13th, I will be refunding to you the value of your remaining classes on account via e-transfer. I have everyone’s email address in the MindBody system. Please check your MindBody account and ensure that your email address is current, or simply send me an email so that I have the correct one. This all might take me a little time but I will work through it as quickly as possible. *********   I want to ensure that you all have a place to go to further your yoga practice once Shanti has closed. Listed below are the names and contact information of several yoga teachers who I feel fit the style and spirit of yoga offered by Shanti. These are some of the teachers that will be teaching the regular classes for Shanti for the next two weeks and I hope that you will take the opportunity to try their classes. Please check the website class schedule to confirm the teacher.

********Lynn Mighton 289-442-6828 Restorative Yoga, All level yoga classes, gentle yoga, Yoga Nidra                             ********* Janet Steeves Chair yoga, Gentle yoga, Movement classes, Classes for Seniors  ***********Joanne Hudspith 289-489-9468 Yoga therapy, gentle yoga         *******Andrea Towler 905-536-9670 Yoga for trauma, Hatha yoga       *******Stacey Cabrera 647-627-8955 Karmabhaktiyoga | karmabhaktiyoga Hatha yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa yoga


 Each of the teachers listed above run their own yoga classes, separate from Shanti.  They are all wonderful and experienced teachers. I hope you will consider contacting them to continue your practice.                                                       As for me, I will continue to teach the Yoga Philosophy class on Fridays. I am keeping my website for now and you can contact me through it. I will also continue to teach Yoga Teacher Trainings.                                          If you are interested in purchasing any of the props for your personal use, please contact me as I am selling them at very reasonable rates.                         Words fail me to express how meaningful and magical it has been teaching at Shanti Studio and having you all as fellow travellers. I will need some time to process all of this; the gratitude of this experience and the sadness of its dissolution. I hope that when COVID ends and we can go back to in-person classes, I will see you again, as I will likely be taking these classes with you.  For now – Namaste, my friends, and THANK YOU ! Alex