Arijana’s interest in pregnancy and birth began at a very young age immersing herself in the dramatization of shows like A Baby Story and similar. These sorts of images were all that was available at the time and it would take years and travels to South Korea and Thailand for her to come to realize that birth actually wasn’t at all as it was portrayed in our media; that it could be gentle, joyful, and a community experience. In these places she met amazing women that cemented her passion for birth through their strength and resilience in the face of it.

Upon her return to Canada, Arijana made Hamilton her home and started to delve into self-exploration through yoga. She received her 200-hour yoga certification from Shanti Studio and became a certified birth doula through Doula Training Canada. She has worked as a doula since 2013 and is now a trained prenatal yoga teacher.

Her prenatal yoga classes are informed by her years of supporting women during pregnancy and childbirth. She focuses on taking time to listen to our own bodies, practicing relaxation and mindfulness, and building strength in a safe and gentle way. Each class is packed full of labour and birth tips from her doula training and experience.